Court Summons – And how to avoid them

Following is the process undertaken when you are summoned to a court, and what you need to know to avoid them.

Handed or Registered:

Summons must be either handed to you or posted to you by registered post. If this happens, you have the following defences:

  1. When handed to you, simply refuse to accept it.
    • Surely if a guard is handing you something, you know it cant be good. You are not obligated to accept anything being handed to you.
    • Refusal to accept anything is not a crime, and you cant be forced.
  2. If it is sent by registered post.
    • Always avoid signing for registered post unless you are expect it. Registered post always contains bad news unless you know otherwise.
    • If you have made the mistake of signing for it. You can provide the arguments:
      • That someone else signed for you. Especially if you are in an apartment block.
      • That you were/are fighting with your partner or other tenant / landlord, and so never received it.
  3. Unless a summons has been properly served and received, you do not have to show in court. In most cases your case will be dismissed.

Again, this will not get you away with everything. However it’s not about getting away with things. It’s about making things very difficult for the system.

Each extra step you make them jump through increases their time, expense and makes it less worthwhile perusing you.

We are all about being difficult targets. Hard to control. While still being peaceful.