Positive Law – Acts & Statutes

These are the laws that are in addition to our constitution. To quote other sources, it is a body of legal concepts which come down from old Roman laws established by Emperor Justinian. This is a legal scope which primarily consists of a law that must be written into a formal code. This is determined by judges, before it can be affirmed as a law. Primary sources are enacted law, and general principles of law. Of these, the main source is the enacted (statutory) law. Which consist of Acts and Statutes.

As these laws are built by members of the BAR (British Accreditation Registry) society – AKA The legislative committee. They only apply to members of that society. Judges, Barristers, Solicitors, and Government workers who consent to being ruled by these laws by taking a post in the public offices. This includes council workers, Garda, revenue, customs, HSE, anyone in a public office, also known as a public or civil servant.

The term public / civil servant gives away a lot of details about their actual duties and from where they derive their power. They are there to serve you, the public, the people who are NOT registered members of the BAR, and they must do so in accordance with any laws they have agreed to (statute – aka civil law). However, as you (a member of the public) are not a member of their BAR society, you are not obligated to comply with these laws in the same way they are.

The above paragraph gives you a lot of power IF you know how to use it. So don’t run around shouting “I don’t consent”, or “I don’t recognise your authority”, or other such phrases just yet. You have a bit of work to do in order to step out of their jurisdiction, and can use these phrases successfully. By the time you have done this work, you will hopefully have learned the art of peaceful confrontation and resistance, with the exercises outlined here.

You need to be aware that you are ruled by consent in this country. Acts do not have any power over you unless you consent. The reasons behind this are:

  1. Many of the acts brought into existence are done without your vote. Therefore they have no real power unless you consent to them. Of course most people give their consent without even knowing it.
  2. Legal advisors interpret the acts and statutes for government and regulatory bodies including the police. Once interpreted, various “training handbooks” are written based on these interpretations. Turning acts and statutes into policies and procedures. This is why police officers are actually policy enforcers, and NOT peace keepers.
  3. When you are charged by police or any regulatory body (council etc). They are charging you with breaking a policy (which you have no obligation to uphold), not law. If they charge you under xyz act without holding a BAR licence, then they are practicing law without a licence. Which is a crime.

A new page has been added here to show how to remove yourself from this process should you desire to do this. It discusses the Jurisdiction Removal process. The birth cert trusted bond process that is supposedly used by governments to raise funds. Dead and living entities, as well as acceptance for value (A4V).