Peaceful End to EU & UK Rule in éiRe

Here I talk about how to end peacefully, both EU and British rule in éiRe and reclaim our sovereignty.

Fact 1:

You are ruled by consent (the consent of the British gun).

Fact 2:

2022 – 1972 = 50 years of EU rule.

Back then you had to be 21 to vote in 1972 so 50 + 21 = 71.

Therefore nobody under the age of 71 ever got a vote on EU rule here.

Fact 3:

Actually nobody got a vote on joining the EU. The EU never wanted éiRe, we were dragged in as one of the UK colonies.

When the UK left, we should also have been kicked out. We were not, why?

Because our borders give the UK the advantage it needs to be both in the and out of EU.

This is the new and main reason why our border exists today. Profiteering off the backs of the Irish, as always.

Fact 4:

2022 – 1922 = 100 years of British rule.

In 1922 we lost the battle and the British forced a senate on us to rule over our dial.

Every party that wanted a seat, had to swear an oath to the crown.

In 1940 all the cronies in office made a new fake constitution destroying without vote the original 1937 constitution. However, because the 1940 amendments were never actually voted on. The original 1937 63 article constitution is still used in all courts today. The courts will still allow you to believe that the 1940 amendments are the real ones. If you remain ignorant of these changes. Which is why you will always lose in court if you use it without legal representation.

Ever since then all our laws a based on this fake1940 amended constitution.

Every party is sworn to serve the state, NOT the people.

That state is the British and EU states, NOT the Irish state.

This is why they can tax us so high. Strip mine our countries resources, and force us to accept foreign invaders under the guise of refugees.

Fact 5:

The 1919 constitution is the only valid constitution here. It was the only one that was voted on by all 32 counties. However, it is not the constitution that is used in our courts. The 1937 – 63 article constitution is the one still used in our courts today. NOT the 50 article blue book one commonly published.

Refuse, Refuse, Refuse:
  • REFUSE to bear arms or commit acts of violence unless in self defence.


  • REFUSE to pay PAYE / PRSI / USC / VAT by becoming self employed contractors. There are many ways to avoid taxes, but and when the time comes to actually pay your taxes, refuse. Use the money to reinvest in other enterprises. Then eventually pay what little you can get away with.
  • REFUSE to pay road tax and insurance on your cars. Over 50% of the cost of insurance is tax.
  • REFUSE to pay property taxes.
  • REFUSE to pay any other taxes when asked.


  • REFUSE to identify yourself or obey police (policy) officers unless under threat of force. Exercise your human and constitutional rights to privacy which supersede all acts and statutes.
  • REFUSE to help the police in any way. Always, invoke your human and constitutional right to freedom of expression. Speech is one form of expression, and silence is another. Especially if you are being charged or being questioned in relation to a charge against someone else. Answering such questions about another is violating their same rights. You are taking away the right to a fair trial by answering questions about others.
  • REFUSE to sign anything for police or courts.
  • REFUSE to vote. Your vote is meaningless. We voted for Sinn Fein but FF/FG still occupy their office.

We will teach you ways to do all these things on our site for FREE.

Fact 6:

As sovereigns we are all EQUAL under the law, therefore:

  • Our police have no authority over you.
  • Our judges have no authority over you.
  • Our courts have no authority over you.
  • Our government has no authority over you.

Unless you consent to understand (STAND UNDER) them. But how can you stand under them, if you are equal to them?

The only authority they have over you, is the authority of the gun.

Our country, Our resources:

Our country produced food and resources for over 10 million people until the British forced several famines on us. Leaving us to die by the hundreds of thousands. While they exported our food. Enslaved and tortured anyone they thought was a threat. Irish people have suffered atrocities the likes of which even blacks and Jews look back on in absolute terror.

But in spite of all this, we do have the resources to succeed alone:

  • You are not a slave.
  • Peacefully reclaim your freedom.
  • Peacefully reclaim your sovereignty.

By PEACEFULLY refusing to consent.

If you want LAWFUL (not legal) advice on this:

  • Follow this page.
  • Join our WhatsApp.
  • Read this site.
  • Engage with us.

The day where we can use guns, bombs and violence in general is long gone. A new age has come. One where we can fight back using education, finances, business, and law.

We will never win anything without learning and using peaceful confrontation and resistance.