Natural Law

These kinds of laws are the laws of nature, physics. Etc. They cannot physically be disobeyed. If you try to do so, it is likely to cause great stress, pain, and possibly even death.

Obviously when making up your moral codes, you need to ensure you take these laws into account. There is simply no point in making a moral code that says, “it’s ok to fly without any assistance”, then to go jumping off a building. Even if your group says it’s ok, and the government says it’s legal, no matter how much you pray, or how many drugs you take, it still won’t help you. You will still fall to the ground if you jump without assistance.

Natural Laws include your inalienable rights. Inalienable rights are those rights that cannot be transferred or given away. For example, your right to life, self-defence, or supposedly to own property.

Lets discuss this concept briefly. When you go to google and type the phrases “Inalienable” or “Unalienable” rights into it. You’ll inevitably come across a whole host of sites that spell out how these rights are non transferable, cannot be taken away, or given away, not even through trickery or force. Then you get into the list and if you read it, how many of them, not only can be taken away, but in many countries, including our own, still are being taken away.

The bottom like is, you only have the rights you can protect:

  • You have the right to life, until someone comes along with a gun and pulls the trigger. Your right has just been taken away.
  • You have the right own property (provided the great government that controls the land, or someone else who owns the land, wants to sell it to you and you have the money to pay for it). Sure as long as it’s legal, you even have the government backing you if someone else decides to try take it from you. Someone else that is, except the government and banks, or anyone else with suitably deep enough pockets to subvert your right.

So what inalienable rights do we actually have and how do we actually have them?

Right to life is one. – But we get this not because we have it naturally. But because we believe that everyone else should have this same right. Therefore because we bestow this right on other people (by not running around shooting them), we get to keep it for our self (and hopefully nobody shoots us). If this was a natural right, then if someone shot you, some magical power would resurrect you. That just doesn’t happen. We only get this because we bestow it on others and hope they are kind enough to give it back.

Right to contract. – Finally an actual natural right. You can indeed be enslaved, but being enslaved is not a contract. You can indeed have a gun put to your head and be forced to sign a contract. But again, you are signing under duress so it is not valid. This is one right that actually is inalienable.

Right to freedom of movement. – Sure, as long as you don’t harm anyone or trespass or damage their property. So it is restricted. Therefore not really inalienable.

I’m not even going to get into the supposed inalienable rights:

  • To earn a living.
    • Removable – also known as slavery.
    • I’m not earning a living doing this site for example.
  • Privacy.
    • Complete nonsense. In todays world you just live as though you are always in public as you can and usually always are being recorded.
  • To own property.
    • Sure. As long as big brother does not decided they want it back.
  • Self defence.
    • Really…you have the right to try for sure. But try doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. So you only have it until you are forced to give it up.
  • Due process in law.
    • As long as its not the court of public opinion (which it always is because the media is allowed in court).
  • Presumption of innocence (suffering no arrest or detention) until proven guilty.
    • Anyone who believes this pile of nonsense has obviously never been arrested and held in a cell overnight. Then falsely charged with menial offenses such as public order etc. and dragged through the courts with bench warrants etc.
  • Equality.
    • One word, feminists. Try telling them they are equal.
    • Another word, LGBT alphabet soup crew. Try telling them they are equal.
    • You will always find inequality everywhere you look.
  • Trial by jury & Appeal.
    • Not for minor offences. But your still branded a criminal and all the consequences that carries with it.
  • Expose knowledge.
    • Shadow banning on social media?
    • Having your posts restricted or removed?
    • Having your accounts disabled unless you say what’s in line with the narrative?
  • Peaceful association, assembly, and protest.
    • Until you start to bring about change that is against what big brother wants. Then you are branded “crazy”, “conspiracy theorist”, “racist” among others far worse. Sometimes even imprisoned for not using correct pronouns even though nobody was actually hurt.
  • Practice your religious beliefs.
    • This is only dependant on what the dominant religion is.
  • To live in peace and be left alone when law abiding.
    • Only as long as you can protect yourself.

All of these can, and have been taken away to various degrees in various countries. As such they definitely are not inalienable. Rights that are inalienable however are:

Right to remain silent. – Nobody can force you to speak, although with the right torture you can be forced to say anything, even lies. Yes, imprisonment is a form of torture. A very effective and profitable form which is why it is used.

Love and consensual marriage, and to have children. – Because if its not consensual its not love.

Right to refuse to kill under command. – Nobody can force you to do things many of the things you don’t want to do. Again, extremes always exist. If I put a gun to your head and say kill, you’ll probably do it unless it’s someone close to you. Indeed, it wont even take a gun to the head. In most cases I just have to take away any responsibility or accountability and about 80% of people will hurt or even kill. That is exactly why you have commanding officers in the army and police forces, so the lower ranks can hurt and kill without accountability.

This site exists to expose truth of freeman and sovereignty ideologies. There are supposedly many more “inalienable / unalienable” rights which supposedly fall under natural law (but actually don’t). Clearly if you understand the definition of these words, you don’t have to read very far into such documents to see many of the rights quoted are anything but.

Knowing where your rights come from is what gives you power. Don’t quote rights from natural law, that are not natural. You don’t have the right to fly and defy gravity just because you can jump off a building. You most certainty do have the right to fall and seriously hurt or kill yourself, and that’s a natural inalienable right that definitely cannot be taken away. Know the definitions, know the truth. This is where your power is. Don’t let anyone redefine terms to suit a cause. If you do, you are just blindly exchanging one leader for another and are still a sheeple.