A licence is granting you the privilege to do something that you already have a right to do. It is taking away your rights, and replacing them with revocable privileges. You cannot be licenced to do something that is illegal or unlawful. Which means you are only getting a licence to do something you can already do anyway.

You need a licence to watch TV. But you can watch it anyway.
You need a licence to drive a vehicle. But you can travel anyway.

There are a great number of examples where you need licences from some regulatory body or another just to do what you can do anyway.

When you apply for a licence, you are begging. That is what apply means. To beg. When you register something, you are giving it away. This is what registering is. So you register your vehicle, and apply for a licence to drive it, so if you don’t comply with their acts and statutes they can revoke your licence and your vehicle. Do you remember when you registered your children? Your house? How often have you registered yourself to be licenced to do various other things? Are you a journalist, a solicitor, a doctor, nurse, financial advisor, electrician, gas, the list goes on?

The only reason you have to take driving lessons and a driving licence test is to ensure you know the various laws around driving. This is the very same for most professions. Many people spend a lot of time studying for little more than to pass a test which proves they know enough about the law in their area of specialisation that they deserve to be granted a licence so they can do what they already knew how to do before ever applying (begging) for their licence.

These regulatory bodies have people convinced that you need to be licenced and regulated for everyone else’s safety. This is nonsense to justify their existence and is little more than a way for government bodies to siphon tax payers money into useless regulatory bodies in order to pay to keep people in jobs that would never be employable in the real world. It’s why they invented employment protection legislation, so they cannot be fired for being useless. Instead they just get shuffled around different regulatory bodies until retirement age.

To remove your obligations under licencing. You simply don’t apply for it, and you practice what you want without it. If you already have a licence, you can choose to let it expire and don’t re-apply. When stopped by a regulatory body or Garda, you simply tell them you don’t consent. They will try to intimidate you – that’s their job, but you use the no contract, no consent and conditional acceptance procedures on them. When they realise you are not an easy target, they will usually go away, but expect them to be persistent, it will take time.