Laws are enacted by government bodies. People are led to believe that they exist to rule over us.

This is not the case. Laws are there to tell “we the people”, how the government and businesses should be treating us. If they are not in alignment with our morals, we have a duty to disobey them and work to have them changed.

Therefore the government is there to serve the people, NOT to rule us.

The government that we the people elected, cannot dictate its rules to the people who created it. They can only create rules for itself, to show people working for the government how to treat the people outside of it.

However, they have subverted this to make the people think that we, as “citizens”, have chosen to live within their borders, and therefore automatically agreed to their laws. This is simply false.

To anyone who challenges this, please show me the contract you signed with the government, before you were born, that obligates you, or anyone else, to honour their laws. If you wish to honour the laws of this or any other land, by all means, go right ahead. You have that choice. But you have no right to force anyone else to do likewise. For example, if you want to pay road tax, insurance, or a TV licence, go right ahead. But you have no right to force anyone else to do likewise just because the government says it’s the law. It’s only the law for those that choose to consent to it.

Laws are divided into the following categories:

  • Natural Law
  • Common Law
  • Positive Law
  • Contract Law
  • ByLaws
  • Policies
  • Guidelines / Mandates

Each of them will be discussed in their relevant sections below.