Laws and Powers

In this section I will discuss the Jurisdiction Removal process. The birth cert, trust, and bond, process that is supposedly used by governments to raise funds. Dead and living entities, as well as acceptance for value (A4V). NOTE: This process is NOT a get out of jail free card. You will ALWAYS be held to account if you cause loss or harm to another.

Legislative, Executive and Judicial institutions of law:
I am not going to regurgitate on this site, information that is freely available elsewhere unless I can add quality by doing so. With this in mind I will refer you to a good description of this at the citizens information here.

Jurisdiction Removal Process:
To remove yourself from the jurisdiction of the acts and statutes and instructions outlined above there is a process to follow. This page will be updated as I currently am in the process of going through that myself. However, I will outline my action plan and where I have had success or failures so far. In this way anyone wishing to follow along can do so.

  1. Obtain your hospital birth records. You can do this by requesting them under the GDPR and FOI acts from the hospital where you were born. If your parents are still alive, you will have better luck getting these records by asking them.
    • This is called your “Live birth records” by some freeman and sovereignty movements. But I would avoid using that term when requesting this information.
    • In some cases, if you have mental health issues, you can be prevented from accessing these records under the mental health act. Supposedly for your own good. This is where your parents can come in very handy as they are requesting their medical records, not your birth records. Even though they are both the same in this instance.
    • These records supposedly contain all information about your birth. Time, date, weight, any difficulties encountered, anomalies etc. So obviously they have a lot more information than your birth cert. Supposedly this proves you are a living entity, and not a dead cooperation or entity.
  2. Having obtained these “living records”. You then proceed to get them signed and witnessed by 3 doctors willing to do so (if you can find such doctors please let me know).
    • This step supposedly proves you are still a living entity and not a dead cooperation or entity.
  3. Using this proof that you are a living entity, you can now send affidavits with copies of these records to various government bodies asking to be removed from the system.
    • Upon doing so, you will lose all “benefits” and “entitlements”.
      • Social welfare.
      • Medical card.
      • Rent supplements.
      • etc.
    • But don’t worry, supposedly there are benefits to doing this.
      • You’ll never have to pay tax (PAYE / PRSI / USC).
        • Although you will need to follow another step to get other taxes removed.
      • You’ll not need to apply (beg) for licences and cannot be fined or be held accountable in court.
        • Unless you cause harm or loss to others. In which case you’ll always be held accountable. This is not a get out of jail free card.
        • Noting the above, you should see that you’ll only be able to get away with what is considered minor offenses such as:
          • Non payment of TV Licence.
          • Non payment of fines / notices.
          • Non payment of parking fines.
          • Non payment of fines for not displaying plates, NCT, tax, or insurance discs, or providing a drivers licence. (if you have an unregistered car).
          • Non payment of other fines associated with driving provided you have not been involved in an accident (causing damage to other people or their property) or what is otherwise considered dangerous driving (speeding, drink driving etc).
        • You simply cannot just jump into an unregistered car, without a licence, and drive any stupid drunken way you like. Or go out and get a gun and start firing it randomly in the air even on your own private property. Again, it is not a licence to do whatever you want. If you endanger other people, you will be held to account. Even bullets have to land somewhere.
  4. Next, it is recommended that you register a limited company (dead entity) to your living name (the one on your birth cert or deed pole). Using this you can:
    • Get back other taxes (VAT etc).
      • You will be purchasing everything through your company from now on.
      • You’ll need courage for this. As revenue will be coming after you for tax evasion. You are being warned. This is not a free and easy ride.
    • Register your vehicle to that company.
      • Your dead entity now owns it, not the government. So it cannot be taken away from you, unless your company is not properly trusted (setup in a trust) and protected. Even then big brother will try make things difficult.
    • Your dead entity now appears in court, not you as the living man.
      • This means you, the living man, cannot be sent to jail.
        • Once again, unless you have caused loss or harm.
        • However, you as the director of that company, can be held to account if they can find a way to stick anything to you by declaring you are acting illegally. I remind you, this is not a free and easy ride.
    • Register your property to that company.
      • No more property tax or other such obligations.
        • You’ll not be able to do this if you have a mortgage and will find it difficult to do it even without one.
        • But if you lose your company, you lose your house. I’m not here to sell you on the good and not tell you the bad. You must be very careful.
    • Any bank accounts or credit cards will now be associated with the company.
      • I’ve yet to see any benefits to this as you will still be required to pay government levies and bank charges on them considering you have to sign a contract with the banks to get them in the first place.
    • Your licences, should you choose to have them, will now be in the dead entities name. Supposedly this means you, the living man cannot be held accountable for minor offenses. But you will always be held accountable for anything that causes loss or harm to another. Anything that states otherwise is just a pure fiction and lie.
      • Once again, this is not a free ride. Revenue and other government departments will harass you. As long as you can show that you have not caused harm or loss to another (such as in the case of fines or non payment of licence fees and taxes), it will be very difficult for them to hold you to account personally or commercially.
  5. By doing this process, you are placing a big red flag saying “Come get me!” on everything you do. Your home, your car, your child, everything you try to remove from the system. Believe me, they surely will try. Authorities do not like being challenged. I am not here to tell you this is a bed of roses. It’s more like a crown of thorns.

Once you have everything setup. The system becomes like a rain coat. Something you step into and out of, as and when you need it. If done properly, you can still have the benefits of being both in and out of the system. But whenever you step out of it, you will be challenged.

Supposed Birth Cert Trusted Bond:
I want to point out that I have very thoroughly researched the whole concept behind the strawman birth cert. However, my research has reached a dead end and I personally cannot prove the truth of this. The story is as follows:

Supposedly when you are born. These things happen:

  1. Your parents register (give you away) to the government (True).
    • This is why government entities can take your child away.
    • Just like when you register your car, they can take that away.
    • Anything you register, can be taken away, as the act of registering something means you are giving it away. You are now just the minder of whatever is being registered.
  2. They in turn, get a “Birth Certificate” with your name (True).
    • Just like you have a certificate of ownership for your car.
  3. This birth cert is associated with a trust (Unconfirmed).
    • A trust is a dead entity (True). You are the living entity (True). But you the living entity own the trust (True).
    • When you are taken to court, it is your living entity that gives power to the trust, and to the court, to give them jurisdiction over you. They are trying to be the beneficiary of this trust, but you need to claim this position in a court and not allow the court to claim it. (Unconfirmed).
      • Anyone I know of, that uses this logic in a court, tends to get jail time and fines for contempt of court and are not released until the fines are paid. So be careful with this if you intend to use it. Freeman and Sovereignty movements will not tell you about this.
  4. This trust is then used to make a “Bond” which is traded on the stock market and used as collateral to float loans which are then used to fund the government expenses. (Completely disproved so far in my research).
    • The government and banks, as well as large cooperation’s, do indeed use bonds to float loans and obtain funding. But these are completely independent of anything to do with you as an individual (living or dead) and are based on income and expenditure and their ability to repay, and they MUST be repaid with interest.

Point 4 above is very important. There are 2 sites which every freeman and sovereignty movement quote to supposedly find the bond behind your birth cert and trust. I have proven personally that both these sites are NOT what the freeman and sovereignty movements claim them to be and prove nothing of the sort. One of those sites even say this directly.

I have personally challenged several freeman and sovereignty movements of which I have been a member of to prove me wrong on this point. I have even put a bounty on it agreeing to pay them €1,000 or more if they can show me the actual paper trail that links my birth cert to my bond that is traded on the stock market. Nobody has yet been able to do so, and I have been kicked out of any such movements for making this offer even though they charge far less for the cost of the information to do this. That offer is still outstanding for the first person who successfully shows me this paper trail.

Acceptance for Value (A4V):
The whole “Acceptance for Value” concept is based entirely on this birth cert, trusted, bonded process, being true. Supposedly, because of this bond being traded on the markets, you have millions of $ in your bond account. All of this is accessible to you, if you know how to get it. This A4V process is supposedly the key.

So using A4V to pay loans, mortgages, and other debts, is a very dangerous process and many who have tried it have been jailed for fraud as they are effectively writing cheques and conning companies out of large sums of money. Be very sceptical and careful about this process if you see it anywhere. Ensure you have absolute proof of the supposed bonded trust and the accounts associated with it before you even attempt to begin. Without this proof, you are committing fraud and you will pay as you are causing loss and harm.

Another twist on this tale is that when you apply for a mortgage or car loan you have created the money with the security you have put in place (the home or car). This money is then loaned to you and you repay it with interest. But you can use A4V process to repay it all, any time you like. This is at best a half truth. In many cases, half truths are worse than lies. So again be very careful.