Ethics are the rules of a group. The group can be any group of people coming together for any reason. It could be just a group of people to clean the neighbourhood. One rule is that we don’t steal each other’s tools or anything from the neighbours’ gardens. It can also be any group of people working towards a cause. Even a business is such a group.

A law society is yet another group. The people there make up the laws we are supposed to live by, however, all you need to ask is:

Am I a member of a law society, or a member of a government organisation for whom the law societies make the rules?

If the answer is “No”, then the rules / laws do not apply to you unless you consent to them, as you never joined their society. Society does not mean a country, county, or town. It is simply a group. To be a member of a society you must knowingly sign up, knowing the rules, and finally have the option to leave at any point without restriction.

Now ask yourself:

Do you know how you entered into your society?
Simply being born with a birth cert is not enough

Do you know the rules / laws of your society without consulting a third party?
Such as a judge, barrister, or solicitor.

Do you know how to leave your own society?
For example, without physically leaving the country.

If the answers to any of the three questions above is “No”, then you are not in a society. Therefore you are not obligated to follow the rules of that society.