Contract Law

This type of law is essentially that which exists between two entities (corporations or people). It can be written or verbal. To have a contract, one must make an agreement with another. I can say you owe me €1,000 but if you don’t agree, there is no contract. It is best to know that if you are not writing the terms of the contract, then you probably should not sign it.

However, signing something does not mean consent, or agreement. It simply means you were present when given those papers. You may have been forced to sign.

In general, when you think about it properly, you are almost always forced to sign a contract. If I want you to work for me at a given rate of pay. Then you are forced to sign my employment contract or you will not be employed. Therefore you will not get paid, and then you will have to suffer all the consequences of this. So sign the contract or suffer the consequences. This is duress. Any contract signed under duress is null and void. You can nullify any contract simply by taking this perspective on it. However, should you wish to nullify the contract, you must do so in written form as soon as possible after signing it. The longer you leave it, the more “in agreement” you are, and the harder it will be for you to get out of it. Most good contracts have a period of time where both parties can reconsider the offer signed (aka – a probation period).

Simple advice. Never, ever sign or agree to anything in a rush. The more pressure you are put under to sign, the harder you should refuse and the longer you should take to make your decision. Even if you make a Garda statement, don’t sign it until you have had time to rethink. It will be used for legal purposes so you need to ensure it is saying what you think it is saying. Best to have many eyes on it. Of course the Garda will do everything, having written the statement, to make you sign it right away. Until it is signed, you can alter it any way you wish.

Acts and Statutes are simply an offer of contract. As are notices, fines and licence fees. If you don’t want them in your life, follow the process outlined here to remove your obligations. However, NEVER ignore them or put them into the fire or bin. This is implied consent.