A constitution MUST be written in the language of the common man or woman as it is a common law document. It stands equally with your human rights. Neither one supersedes the other.

However, if one document tries to take away or restrict your rights, then you should know how to invoke your rights under the other document or under common law or even natural law as needed.

What a lot of so called “constitutional experts” refuse to acknowledge especially in éiRe, is the history of these documents and the significance this plays.

As a result of this history, our latest constitutions are significantly watered down and standing under them in a court can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

Many such experts will claim their constitution gives them powers it simply does not and they actually get their power under natural, common, and human rights laws combined with freeman and sovereign ideologies. But they fail to mention this.

When you discuss these very salient points with them, you soon run up against what I call the “Constitutional Religion”, and the various fanatics and devotees. We all know where that leaves us and it’s not a good place.

A government will have you believe that a constitution is supposedly “by the people, for the people”. So if it is written in legalese, or refers to external legalese documents (positive law – acts), it is neither “by”, nor “for”, the people. As few people can comprehend legalese. However it is written, the bulk of any constitution is actually:

By the people, For the government.

It outlines how the government should be treating the people who elected it. However it is still very important that it is written first in the original native language of the country (in the case of éiRe, traditional (not new standard) Gaelic – also known as Clo-Gaelic).

Then it is important that it is translated from this, into english for those that do not understand Gaelic. However, the Gaelic version must always take precedent.

This is because in the overall order of precedence, constitutional law is the same as common law. Therefore, it is supposed to be written in the language of the people, not legalese. This is so the people know what their additional rights are and how they are supposed to be treated.

Note the word “additional” rights. As no document can remove or restrict your rights without your consent. They can only give you more rights (or more accurately – spell out in words what rights you already have). Any document taking away or restricting your rights with phrases like:

  • “In accordance with law.”
  • “Subject to law”
  • “For the common good”
  • “For the greater good”
  • “For the good of the country”
  • Wide ranging language like:
    • Indecent
    • Catholic morality
    • Offensive
    • Other such generic terms

Is invalid. For example who decides what is indecent, or moral, or offensive? – More on this later where we look at a common example with freedom of speech.

  • Anything in common law that takes away your natural law rights is invalid.
  • Parts of a constitution that takes away your human rights and vice versa are invalid.
  • Positive law that contravenes common law (including your constitution and human rights), are invalid.
  • Contracts that contravene positive law, are invalid.
  • Policies that contravene contracts, are invalid.

You can only add to your rights, never remove or restrict them, especially without consent.

So be careful what you consent to, apply (beg) for, sign, or get licences for (a licence is permission to do something you already have a right to do). You cannot be licenced to do something that is illegal or unlawful. Read more about licences here.

After several famines and various tortures and genocides carried out by the british while experimenting on the peoples of éiRe, pre 1916, the people struck out and fought for our independence. They lost this fight, and the leaders (now national heroes) were treated with contempt while being marched off to the prisons.

Had the british simply imprisoned them, there would be no national pride as we now feel it today. However, these now defenceless, imprisoned leaders, who surrendered to save both Irish and british lives. Were then ceremoniously shot in an attempt to put fear in the hearts of the Irish people and prevent further rebellion.

Obviously it had the complete opposite effect, making them martyrs and giving us a sense of pride, as well as a common public enemy to fight against.

It is to the blatant stupidity of the british crown and government, their complete arrogance, and their ignorance of our people, that we owe our sense of national pride.

After the 1916 rising, we created a constitution, and had a referendum. This referendum and constitution was accepted across all 32 counties of éiRe by over 90% of the population. At that time, there was no border dividing the north from the south.

There still is no border.

It is only the british and orange loyalists (now a small and diminishing minority in the north) that recognise and force that border. Irish republicans do not. It is only the propaganda that we are constantly bombarded with that makes us even aware of it.

The republicans have always wanted a united éiRe and always welcomed every nationality. It is the extremists on the other side of the border, and further abroad, who refuse, under threat of civil war, to live in a united éiRe. The border only exists in the minds of outsiders and the media who propagate the lies, all for the profit of the UK and now in modern times also the EU.

It is this border that allows the UK to be both inside and outside of the EU and as always, profit off the backs of the Irish people. Borders are always for profit.

The original 1919 constitution can be downloaded here. You’ll need to zoom in but it is clear.

There are stories around saying there are two versions of this 1919 document. Supposedly very different. Supposedly one of the two are frauds. As nobody can find the other one, everyone assumes this one is the fake because that suits their agenda. When in fact, it is much more likely that the reason nobody can find the other fake, is because it was discovered to be so, and destroyed to prevent confusion. Making it much more likely that this one is real.

Either way. Take some time out to read it. You will note how different it is from your basic human rights, and you will note even more so, how few references there are to generic language and other external laws. While not as solid as your human rights, it is much more solid than any constitution that came after it.

However, opinion is irrelevant. What is relevant is that currently this country is ruled by the 1937 – 63 article constitution. While 13 of those articles are not in print, they are still in law. Any modifications made since then are fraudulent as most happened without referendum.

After a short lived period of peace. The british decided to pop across the waters and get up to their old tricks again. Dividing the nation into 2 parts and creating the border. They installed a Seanad over our Dáil and called it “Home Rule”. The public were led to believe that the word home rule was supposed to mean we could rule ourselves from our home. But actually it is double speak to mean the british rule us from their home. The first example of remote working if ever there was one.

It is important to note that it is an “ACT of Constitution”. As we know, acts require consent, and consent cannot be forced. So this enforced constitution was completely invalid. Within it was a requirement for all members of all political parties to swear an oath of allegiance to serve the crown (James V). We have no royalty, so the crown titles (King, Queen, Mr., Ms., etc.) are irrelevant to us and represent only slavery.

It is for this reason, many people following these freeman and sovereignty principles, refuse to use their titles. Sometimes even refusing to address themselves as First Name – Last Name (i.e. John Doe). Instead referring to themselves as “John of the Doe family”, or even better “The sovereign national of éiRe John of the Doe family”. Always remember, if you were born in éiRe, you are entitled to use your Gaelic name anywhere you want.

The original 1922 ACT of constitution can be found here.

This constitution was enacted and the first major difference of import was that it removed the above oath of allegiance to the crown.

Some would argue that as this was built by people who had sworn an oath to the crown previously, then they did not have our best interest at heart – actions of political parties in the last 30 years are clear evidence in support of this.

However others would also equally validly argue that an oath sworn under force – and it was such an oath, is not an oath that need be upheld.

Yet another major difference is that it supposedly integrated much of the best parts of both the 1919 and 1922 constitutions. Then it arguably went on to improve on them – note below (under the section on Garda) how your right to freedom of expression was watered down. – I may move this later to a more appropriate section in human rights.

Some important notes on this constitution follows:

  1. If you control the words, you control the meaning, then you can control the people using those words.
  2. It was written in Clo-Gaelic, not new standard (bastardised) Irish.
    • New standard Irish of modern day is a bastardised version of Gaelic supposedly updated to meet modern language times.
    • New standard Irish was actually updated to trick and deceive the people of éiRe.
    • Today what happens is that acts are written first in english, then translated to new standard Irish – this is completely illegal and is outright fraud as all laws must first be written in Clo-Gaelic then translated to english.
      • We are then tricked into treating this new standard Irish version as though it was written in the original Gaelic, and are conned into giving it priority over the english version, which then enslaves us to the english version behind it.
    • For any law to be valid, it must first be written in Clo-Gaelic (NOT new standard Irish), then translated to english.
      • When this is done correctly, the Clo-Gaelic version always takes precedence over the english. This is as it legally must be.

A link to the original 63 article constitution cannot be made available on this site due to it’s file size. However the government links only link to the 1940 50 article fraudulent constitution referenced below. If you would like a copy of this, please join the WhatsApp group and I’ll be happy to send you a copy. As a preview you can find some details about the removed articles here. But it’s best to just get the original by request in the WhatsApp group.

Bunreact Na hÉireann / Constitution of Ireland
Bunreact Na hÉireann / Constitution of Ireland

This book is called “The blue book”. Why is it blue when the national colour of éiRe is green? It is because we are slaves to both the EU and also the blue represents royalty, thanks to the british who kept us in the EU for their own ends.

Why is it nEireann and not éiRe? It’s not even for our country?

There were a lot of amendments made without referendum under wartime measures – a completely fraudulent act in itself. This turned the original 63 article constitution into the 50 article fraud of constitution we have today. Yet even though it eliminated 13 articles, the word count is still higher. What does this tell us about it?

The current blue book, titled Bunreacht na hÉireann is a complete fraud. If you stand under this, you will always lose in a court. It admits that it is a fraud within the first pages.

In the image here you will note the words “Omnibus proposal“. This means multiple changes. In legalese this means that so many changes were proposed that instead of voting on all of them separately as required. They simply pass them all rather than reject the potential good changes along with the bad ones. This is completely illegal and an admission of fraud. Fraud is written directly into your new blue book constitution in your new standard Irish and english. This modernised flashy new Irish that we are all so ignorantly proud of. If you have difficulty reading the image above, you can also find it on the website here. Its not too far down the page, under the second amendment.

You will also note underlined in red. That we joined the EU in 1972 – this was 50 years ago in 1922.

Yet another thing to note is that at that time, we needed to be 21 years old to vote.

50 + 21 = 71. This is the minimum age of the people today, who last had a vote on joining the EU. Nobody under the age of 71 years old got a say in this matter. It is well past time for a new referendum on this because the EU seems to be under the wrongful impression that their law supersedes ours. Well with this new constitution it sure does. The 26 counties of the republic, according to the EU, are subordinate to EU law. But NOT according to our original real 1937 constitution before these omnibus amendments.

On our EU membership. We were forced into the EU as part of the UK when they decided to join. So in fact, even those mentioned who supposedly got a vote, actually did not.

The EU would not take us alone as we were too small and useless to them. Yet when the UK left the EU, we were not thrown out along with them as we should have been. This is because we are not so small and useless anymore. We are still slaves of the UK and with their fake border that they forced on us, the UK can still be a part of the EU by proxy through the republic. We are a part of the EU because it suits both the EU and the UK to keep us there. Not through any choice either on our part or the part of the EU. We are there only to be used for UK and EU mutual interests. Which should make you wonder who is really in control of the EU, or at least has much more than their fair share of the control.

Links to this constitution are in the government authorised website here. But you’ll not find the 13 erased articles which are still valid. However, for the most part, this is pretty much the same as the original 1937 with the exception of the 13 missing articles. But do the math, how do they remove 13 articles, and still have a higher word count without them, so it’s not word for word the same. Some details about the removed articles can be found here.

Our “government” had a 99 year lease forced on us since it re-established our british over rule in 1922. It will expire on 5th December 2022 at the turn of midnight. This is why our puppet president wouldn’t sit with lizzy in the north. It is also why he is finally speaking out about the housing disaster and other problems and telling our politicians not to be performing for speculative international pats on the back. He’s pandering to the public in the hopes he will save whatever little authority he thinks he has left. Unfortunately, our people will likely fall for it, entrapping us all for another 100 years.

We may even have a united Ireland. A New Ireland or Éire Nua. Don’t be fooled. This is simply a merger of what would be two companies into a single one:

Government of Ireland
Government of Northern Ireland – I am still researching this and looking for links, any help would be appreciated.

It will still be under british and EU rule. While a step in the right direction, it is still not the right step.