Gun vs. Paper – True Beginning

Here is the true beginning of understanding the freeman and sovereignty movements. How the system paper backed by a gun. In particular note the power of an affidavit and how a notice works.

A notice is NOT a bill. If you receive a notice or penalty in the post, simply ask for a bill instead. They will not be able to send you one, especially if you did not sign anything. That would be fraud. However, if you agree to pay. Then you are admitting guilt and giving them jurisdiction over you. Unless you do it in the right way. This is discussed here.

The myth of authority:

Gun vs. Paper – Power of paper.

The above video show the real truth of the system as it is designed today. It is this system that we:

  • Are slaves to.
  • Never asked to be part of.
  • Want to be free from.

How to achieve this, is here for anyone wishing to know.

Ask yourself this baseline question before submitting yourself to this system:

Where is the contract that I signed, before I was born, that obligates me to obey the rules of this clearly corrupt system?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

So just paying simply because you are on some kind of allowance still doesn’t make it right. Doing so, makes it harder for those who are not getting funding to fight the system. Using various benefits and allowances, is how the system splits people up, and put’s them against each other. Yet everyone, funded or not, will still complain about the crap on TV. The massive wages heads of these TV stations are getting. Yet still pay for their TV licence for example. All you have to do is refuse to pay, and how to refuse is outlined here.


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