Before You Begin

Not all Freeman, Sovereignty, and Constitutionalist websites will tell you the downsides of following their programs. I am not here to paint a bed of roses, and tell you stories that I want to be true. I am actively researching everything I come across, and I will point out both the cons and pros. You need this information for your full understanding and consideration. There is no point proceeding further, if you do not see first the potential trouble you may get into.

Especially if you decide to abuse this information.

Please watch these videos in order, most are less than 3 minutes, only one or two up to 6 minutes:

Woman having house taken over by supposed freeman:

Initial broadcast with false freeman accusations at the end

Update on the above with a little more information

Notice how they are falsely associating freeman ideologies with acts of terrorism without any evidence. Please ensure you review the video in point 2 below.

Remember the media are no more obligated than anyone else to tell the truth. They are not in court under oath. So they tell the truth according to whatever agenda needs to fit the narrative for them to keep their licences.

End result of woman having house taken over by supposed freeman:

End result of the first 2 videos in point 1 above

This is the end result of the so-called freeman’s work. If this was indeed such a person. Then they have violated the basic natural and common law rights of causing no loss or harm to others.

Clearly nobody can just take someone else’s property. Declare it an embassy. Then refuse to pay rent, and damage it upon leaving. There is nothing right about this.

It’s this kind of nonsense that gets freemen worldwide a bad name. Ultimately having the media against us instead of working with us. We must work to change this image. Here in éiRe, there is not a lot of media attention on this yet. So if we do start, let’s do it right and try to keep the media on our side.

Sovereign Citizens / Nationals:

Sovereign Citizens – 100’s Million $ claims

Yet another heavily biased set of videos against freemen and sovereignty movements. Note the use of the term “Paper terrorism”.

The major problem in these videos is that people are asking for hundreds of millions, even billions in claims. Ensure you read the page that will show you how to draw up a table of expenses. Then in turn file a claim for costs that is far more realistic and has a better chance of winning.

Yet another thing these videos highlight is the term “Sovereign Citizen”. You cannot be “Sovereign” AND a “Citizen” or a “National”. A citizen and national are someone who has sworn an oath of allegiance to a government or nation. As such, you have put the government or nation above you and are no longer sovereign.

Government of Ireland – Registered company:

The current Government of Ireland is a registered company. As a registered citizen of that company. Via your birth cert. You are it’s employee and are bound by it’s rules.

IF you consent.
You consent every time you do nothing (Implied consent).

I use the term “Man” here and it is intended to be inclusive. Replace it as needed with “Woman”. While I dont play the gender politics nonsense, you can use any other term you choose. Just ensure you look up the proper legal definition of that term before you use it.

For your information, the correct term to use is simply “Sovereign Man”. In our case we are free men or women of éiRe, or put properly “Sovereign Man of éiRe”. Should you wish you use your name it may look like: “I am the Sovereign Man of éiRe John of the Doe family”.

Paper Terrorism:

Now ask: Since you need to fill in forms for:

  • Birth cert,
  • Baptism,
  • Passport,
  • Driving, Dog, Alcohol, Gun and many other trade “Licences”,
  • Sending your kids to school,
  • A loan,
  • Any number of other nonsense for which you had to “Apply” / Beg for something.

Paper Terrorism

Yet the state and corporations who have many representatives and teams of people working to process your paperwork. Expect you, an individual, to waste your time filling it all in. But this is not considered paper terrorism. For them, it is bureaucracy, red tape, maybe even “just the way things are”. You are their employee after all.

However, when an individual such as you (especially if you call yourself a sovereign man of éiRe). File claims and paperwork against them with their teams of people who can easily process it. Teams that are being paid to do so from public funds (aka your tax money), suddenly, it’s paper terrorism. Make no mistake, this nonsense that freemen don’t pay taxes is just complete lies. It is impossible to avoid all taxes, and in most cases even impractical to try. For anyone looking to try legally, here is a guide on how to do it.

So the question to ask is: “When done by the system, it is not paper terrorism. But when done by the people who elected the system, it is. How is this so?” Clearly they are biased.

Purposeful misassociation of these movements with terrorism:

Sovereign Terrorists

This last video shows how they are trying to make us out to be extreme killers. Then clearly state, most of us are peaceful. I wonder how many of these people felt they were driven to these limits. Especially given the extreme attempts of the system to deny them their rights. As I have personally experienced, and you will no doubt experience when you try. How much of this (if any) was staged as a threat to freemen movements?

I am also very much in favour of using the “phone tree” concept explained in the video above. If our movement here expands enough. This technology is not difficult to develop and I could personally do it within weeks.

Keep it clean, respectful and non violent:

These videos teach us that we must clearly maintain our movement here, as a wholly peaceful movement. Peace is the only way forward. We must use:

  • Law,
  • Business,
  • Finance,
  • Commerce,
  • Technology.

These are the new bullets, guns, and bombs of the modern age. There is no need for physical violence or loss of life. That was fine when we had no education or other alternatives over 100 years ago. It’s not acceptable now.

We can simply refuse to be policed. We do this by making it difficult for them to police us effectively without using violence on us. The phone three concept above is an excellent and very effective method. If they use violence, and we continue to remain peaceful. We will win every time as it proves we are slaves.

Only masters can use violence against their slaves.

If we were really free, then nobody could use violence against us unless we used violence first.

The above set of videos show the attempt of the media, which is a big part of the system. To prevent the spread of this knowledge, starting with emotional blackmail. Moving on to empty quotes “Harrison says…”. He’s right there, how many things does he need to be saying that he cannot say himself? There is a lot of saying one thing and then back peddling. A lot of (typically American) drama actors. Then empty threats.

What you should become aware of is the fact that the more extreme they need to push their misinformation agenda. The more frightened they are becoming, and the more truthful and powerful we are becoming. Why would they need to push their lies and agenda so hard. If they were not so afraid of losing their power?

Not Passivist – But violence only for defence:

I want to make this very clear. At no point do I personally condone violence, nor do I consider the Garda or the state as enemies. I simply want people to know their rights, and to hold those in government accountable. Also to stand against violations of their rights in the best and most efficient way. Think of every interaction as an opportunity to educate those you are interacting with. Especially if it should become authoritarian or confrontational.

Always remember, everyone is equal in law under god. This is the definition of sovereignty. So no Judge, or Garda member, or other government official, have authority over you unless you consent.

But also remember. I am not here to lie to you. The fact is, you only have the rights you can protect. The system is a lot bigger than you or any group of you. So the sooner you get them to show that they are willing to use force to control you. Without actually using force or being aggressive or threatening yourself. The more people you will wake up. This is our main goal.

Next take a look at the following page, to really start your awakening.


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