About Us


  • Lawful Coaching
  • McKenzie Friends
  • Peaceful Resistance
  • System De-Registration


  • Lawful Tutorials
  • Organisation Planning
  • Peaceful Resistance Practice Sessions

Overall Goals

  • Build A Radio Station – To spread truth of our successes.
  • Build Mass Media – As above.
  • Built a messaging platform. – For organisation and protection of our members.
  • Education – To teach people to take back their power peacefully.
  • Real Choice – Providing a real alternative to the current system.

Irish Freeman Information Reader Recommendations

My goal here is to research fully all Freeman and Sovereignty ideals and to post these researched ideas here for you to use. Much of this information is basic enough. But some of it will require work on your part. I have done much of the work for you. However, on your own journey, you will have to do the rest, and the rest is the part that is most important. If you do not do the required work, you will most likely fail in your endeavours to put this information to productive use. Should you not be willing to do this work, then either abandon the process or ask and pay someone well versed in these ideals for their help.

Nobody here is, nor should they be, offering “legal” advice. We may offer “lawful” advice, but never legal advice. We will never advise the use of a Judge, Barrister, Solicitor, or anyone else that works as part of the system (Police, Social workers, Revenue, HSE, Doctors, etc. etc.). They do not work for you. They work for the government, and the system, and are there to serve that system, not you. Think about it, they are licensed, or employed by the system, and if they do anything against the system, they will lose their licence and their jobs or businesses. So they have no interest in protecting or serving you.