Freeman, Sovereignty & Common Law Info in Ireland

This site introduces fully researched, verifiable, actionable, and successful information about the Freeman, Sovereignty and Common Law ideologies as it relates specifically to éiRe (the whole 32 counties of a united Ireland). However here I focus in particular on the Irish republic, as the other 6 counties are covered under UK law which has some significant differences. There is already plenty of information available specifically for the UK, some of which does not apply here in the republic.

Problem #1:- Information non specific to Ireland.

While there is much of this information already out in the public domain about freeman, sovereignty and common law ideologies. Pre-existing information on this topic relates in particular to the:

  • US,
  • Canada,
  • New Zealand,
  • Australia,
  • UK (which is specific to Irish north).

While about 80% of it is correct for all common law countries, it’s the remaining incorrect 20% that will cost people dearly if they try to use it without putting in the extra work required to research it (most of which I have done here for you).

Problem #2:- Never told consequences.

So called “lawful experts” of the freeman, sovereignty, common law, and constitutionalist movements as a whole tends to only provide partial information. In many cases also leaving out the often quite significant downsides. Expecting payment for the full process…whatever that may be. With good reason, as there is quite a lot of work involved in getting success with these systems. Especially if you want to avoid the downsides in the process. This is NOT an easy road, and nobody should be expected to work for free. Especially if you stand to benefit from their work in the form of compensation or reduced expenses etc.

Problem #3:- Know it all’s

Is the people who “think” they know. They get up to all sorts of nonsense and start claiming freeman and make idiots of themselves and everyone else in the movement. Yes many of these imbeciles are planted for media attention to discourage sheeple from waking up and learning the truth.


All these problems do in turn endanger everyone else within these movements as it makes us all look like fools at best, or in most cases seriously damages us and others within and outside the movement. If you decide to apply the information here, please do so with due care, and remember:

You alone are always responsible for your actions.
However your actions can have consequences for others.
So you are never in this alone.

It’s often better for us to help each other than to let this information become distorted into lies and turned against us by the system.

Purpose of this group and site:

I am not doing this to break or fight the system, I am working on ways to prevent the system from enslaving us through educating and awakening those that are ready.

It is my goal to build a new system. One in which everyone knows their rights and is only obligated to work within it in so far as they have agreed to do so. I believe I can do this while using the existing system as and when it suits us, so breaking the current system is never my goal.

Indeed, I recognise the need for this system to remain in place, as those in power often don’t want to recognise the damage they are doing to those blindly following them. So the existing system can still remain in place, as I have no right to force a new system on anyone, no matter how much better I think it is for them. At best, I have a right – if not even a duty – to disengage with the parts of the system I disagree with, and to show others how to do likewise if they desire.

Downsides to this information:

Also understand there is a bad side to this information. I am not trying to sell anything here. If you go into this, do so knowing what you might face. But also think:

Why should you have to face this?

I am only trying to help you know and operate your most basic rights and freedoms. If this makes you apprehensive, surely this alone is enough to at least make you aware that there is something wrong with the current system.

You know how much you are being controlled by something.
Simply by measuring the extent that you are fearful of challenging or losing it.

If you are not afraid of it:

  • Refuse to pay your TV licence.
  • Refuse to pay tax on your car.
  • Refuse to pay property tax.
  • Refuse to pay PAYE / PRSI / USC.
  • Refuse to pay even just the VAT (Or rates) on your household bills.
    • Household bills are semi state bodies, why should you be paying VAT or rates to them. Why is it not just a single price?
  • Refuse to simply give your name to a Garda when asked.
    • How often did you even ask them for their name, number and warrant card? Indeed it should be the first thing you ask in any dealing with them.

Do you even know How to refuse to pay these things?

Knowing there are pros and cons to everything here. Knowing also that you will have to do a lot of your own work and, most especially to know when to ask for help. If you are ready to begin your journey down the rabbit hole of Freeman, Sovereignty, Common Law, and Constitutional ideologies, then please begin your journey here.

Learning from experience, and by teaching:

One of the best ways to learn is to try to teach what I know to others. To put my own knowledge out there. In this way I can learn by the feedback and correction on anything posted. If anything is incorrect, and it is later corrected, it benefits everyone, including me, as I learn something new too.

We are all continually learning. Especially me. I do not claim to be an authority on these matters. The information will speak for itself and will become self correcting if everyone adopts this attitude. This is NOT an ego trip for me, and I hold no shame in being wrong. Please correct me or help add to my knowledge for the benefit of all. I will always give credit where due if desired.

Fees and Charges:

This site is built, owned, fully researched, and maintained by one person. It is a lot of work and made freely available to all who want it. Donations would be graciously received – I am in the process of setting up something for accepting donations (suggestions welcome).

I can also build and maintain sites of any kind for anyone who needs it and would welcome the work.

This site has only gone live on 01/02/2023. There is a lot of work yet to do.

It represents:

  • Over 7 years of direct research done by me alone.
    • More if you include a lifetime of practical experience dealing with various supposed authorities and refusing to pay debts, notices, taxes, clamping fines etc., or to comply with their regulations.
    • I have also worked in IT and been sub contracted to work directly within the system (Social Welfare, NAMA, Banks, Insurance etc.).
    • Even having being imprisoned for refusing to comply with the fines, notices, clamping, debts and still refusing to pay. Yet still having no criminal charges or the consequences associated with them. However, with new laws in place, they cannot imprison you for such offences anymore. That’s not a free ride though, as they can attach to your earnings. Making it harder not to pay.
    • Just because you spend time in jail, does not automatically mean you get a criminal record especially if you have not done anything that caused harm or loss to another. Which I have not, and never would condone, except in self defence.
  • 6 months of administration work.
  • 1 month of technical work.

See the upcoming updates page for a list of what is coming. I hope that given time there will be audio, video, radio, meetups, and events. Join the WhatsApp group to engage directly with me on these topics, or contact us using the various other methods under the contact us menu.

Knowledge and work exchange:

I am looking for people who are running freeman, sovereignty, common law websites that are currently unmaintained or updated. I want to share knowledge with these people in exchange for technical expertise or other resources.

If anyone sees such abandoned sites while doing their research. Please send me the links and I will do my best to reach out to them and see if we can work together.


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